3 Social Media Things You’re Doing Wrong

social media

Most business owners understand that social media is important to their business. If you ask them if they understand how it all works, however, many will shrug and say they aren’t sure. It’s not enough to have an account. You have to use it the right way if it’s going to have any positive impact on your business.

For a business, social media is where you get a chance to build recognition. That way, when people are ready for your services, they think of you. So keeping that in mind, let’s talk about things you may be doing wrong in the world of social media.

1. Being Pushy
That last thing people want when they log on to Facebook to say hello to their cousin in Rhode Island is to have a string of your sales flooding their news feed. They don’t care and if you fill their news feed with sales, they will stop caring about you. So keep sales-like posts to a minimum and spend more time interacting and informing.

2. Being Bland
People these days are overstimulated. They see exciting things all the time. They also get advertised to 24/7, from the gas pump to the mall food court If you want to people to notice you, you cannot afford to be boring and bland. Be unique, let your personality out in a way that reflects your company’s standard ,and give people a reason to pay attention.

3. Being Stingy
Nobody likes a one-sided relationship. This is true in life and it is true in business. If your business does nothing more than post about itself, you will turn people off. You must have some form of interaction with people on your pages. Like, comment, share, retweet, and repin. Whatever the format, use all available tools to be a part of the community.

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