4 Business Resolutions for 2015

4 Business Resolutions for 2015

Every time the calendar rolls around people around the world all join in the tradition of making resolutions. These are little promises to yourself that you are going to improve, do better and go further in the months to come. If you’re a business owner you should consider joining the fun and make some business resolutions.

We’d like to suggest some resolutions to consider for the year to come on behalf of your business. While your unique situation may lend itself to a different list of changes, these can serve as a good starting point for making 2015 the best year you’ve had so far!

1. Get your business budget in line

Have you fallen into the habit of racking up large “entertainment and dining” bills? Are you grabbing office supplies when you go shopping for your home instead of buying in bulk at the no-frills warehouse? Basically, are you throwing away money that could be better used in other areas of your business? This is a great time of year to re-evaluate your budget and start getting things back on track!

2. Re-discover your mission statement

Changing directions on purpose is one thing. Chasing rainbows into different areas is another issue entirely. If you have gotten too far off your path, you need to revisit your mission plan. For instance, if you began as a delivery company and now find yourself selling printers, you need to rethink your business model. It may be time to admit you’re off path and get back to basics or start a new business entirely if you have found a new path that makes more sense to you.

3.Stop carrying dead weight

Trades that don’t pay, staff that doesn’t perform, an office that is too large for your needs or a business car that sits unused… these are a few ways that companies waste time, energy and resources. Look back over your year and see if you’ve been negatively effected by any business relationship or arrangement. It is time to cut ties and move in a different direction, especially if you’ve seen your growth grow stagnant.

4. Re-evaluate your entire business model

Once upon a time newspapers were a thriving enterprise. Fast forward to today and you’ll see the point we’re making. Just because your business used to make sense doesn’t mean it is always going to be relevant. It is hard to look at this objectively, but ask yourself if you’re still in a business that makes sense. If you’re not, look for ways to innovate and become relevant again. If it’s not possible, start thinking about taking a completely new path.

There you have it, four resolutions to make on a professional level. Do you have additional resolutions for your business in the coming year? We’d love to hear about your plans in 2015!

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