4 Business Resolutions Every Company Should Make

4 Business Resolutions Every Company Should Make

It’s 2014 and most of us have made some resolutions for the new year. Maybe you want to read more books, get fit or pick up a new hobby. If you’re in business for yourself or hold a key position with a company, you may want to add some business resolutions to the list. Here are some suggestions on resolutions that may help make 2014 your year!


1. Get organized

If you’ve been used to flying by the seat of your pants, it’s time to consider doing things a different way. Make a resolution to get yourself organized. You can take small steps, like getting a planner, start making to-do lists and promise to file things in a more timely manner. Whatever your weakness has been in terms or organization, it’s time to work on it!


2. Set Goals

Goals are important, but they don’t work if you don’t make them and stick to them. This year, do things differently. Sit down and write out your goals in detail. Next, write out what steps you think it will take to achieve them and then get to work! Don’t forget to check back with this list frequently and ask yourself if you’re still on the right course.


3. Network more efficiently

How much of your work day are you really working? How much of that time is spent with distractions like Facebook, your cell phone or other things that pull you off of task? Sometimes we bring work home just because we weren’t focused during the work day. This year turn off the distractions and work more efficiently. Make lists, turn off your phone, stop checking your mail every 5 minutes and leave the social networks alone until you’re done!


4. Watch your expenses more closely

It is easy to let expenses get away from you. A business lunch here, a new outfit there and before you know it, you’ve spent more than you intended. Consider your options, such as setting up a monthly budget, paying for things with cash and writing down your expenditures to keep a running record. When you do things like this you’re more likely to keep spending under control.


Every time the calendar rolls around we get a new slate to write our story upon. It is up to you to take the right steps, correct your path where needed and implement new strategies to help you reach your goals.


My belief of what an advertising agency should be providing their clients is simple. Innovation, expert advice, strategic planning, development and execution and bottom-line accountability. Our only goal is to make our clients more successful, but success in my eyes can only be judged in one aspect, revenue. At the end of the day increasing revenue is what our job is predicated on.