7 Ways to Attract Holiday Shoppers to Your Store

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The holiday shopping season is upon us, which means business owners across the country are bracing for holiday shoppers. You’ve probably already got your inventory ready and are staffed up for the season, but now you have to get customers to shop your store and not your competitors’. You also have to fight against the many online retailers looking to edge in on local markets. 

Exactly how can you work to ensure that this holiday season is one of your best? We’ve put together these handy, easy-to-implement tips designed for retail clients looking to end the year strong!

  1. Weekly specials:  Give people a reason to visit you by offering weekly specials. You can advertise these in your store with signs and little handouts that you put in every bag. Make sure you make the most of your email list as well, sending nicely designed newsletters to them with your hottest deals. 
  1. Keep their hands free:  Baskets are a must if you want people to grab more than a couple items. If you don’t have baskets, then you can have your staff offer to hold items at the counter for people walking around with armfuls. 
  1. Celebrate the season: Get people in the holiday spirit by making sure that your store is decorated for the season. You could play soft Christmas music in the background as well as have staff switch to holiday colors. You want people to walk in and feel like Christmas is just a day or two away! 
  1. Extend your hours:  Unless there is a strong reason not to, consider extending your shopping hours. People may need to drop by before or after work, so make it easy for them to shop around their schedule. 
  1. Gift and impulse items: It’s always a good idea to have impulse items around the checkout area, but consider having a couple higher priced, gift-worthy options as well. Keep the price in the $10 to $15 dollar range, and rotate the items weekly. 
  1. Geofence your competitors: Do you have strong local competition? If so, then you can take advantage of geofencing to snag your competitors’ traffic. This option can let you target these prospects with deals and lure them into your store.
  1. Gift certificates: If you don’t offer gift certificates, then this is the time to start! People love buying gift certificates because they take the guesswork out of the holidays. Make sure they are branded because they may be going to people who don’t know you, giving you the opportunity to expand your customer base as well!

Make the most of this holiday season with these easy and simple tips. And if you’re needing help driving more traffic to your location, then please give us a call at (417) 553-9105.