How to Amplify Black Friday

black friday

Black Friday, the biggest day of the holiday shopping season, is here next week! More people are out and about shopping during this time of year. It is up to you to make sure this influx of people finds its way to your business. While it may feel like there is not enough time to utilize Black Friday in your marketing, hope is not lost. There is still time to amplify your business’s potential for Black Friday and the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

Clearly post your hours online. It is no longer a novelty when a business is open for special hours during the holidays. Gone are the days when it was a surprise for a business to open its doors Thanksgiving night. For people to in the door during these special hours, they need to know if you are open or not. Make a Facebook post stating your special hours, and pin that post to the top of your business’s page. That makes it the first thing people see when they visit the page. On Google, make sure you have updated the hours for that specific day(s). You do not need to edit the hours permanently. There is a way to edit just for specific holidays.

Consider an inexpensive, seasonal add-on. Add-ons are a simple yet crucial boost to your sales. They are the last items people see at the register, and they are an easy way increase your units per transaction. While you should have add-ons at the register at all times of the year, they are a necessity in the holiday season. When people are shopping for themselves, they may not be quick to purchase something inessential. To complete gifts, though, that extra item could save them from making a trip to a different store. Make the add-on item seasonal so they are more appealing, and do not forget to ask shoppers if they are interested.

Offer a coupon for a future sale. Black Friday is certainly the most paramount day of the holiday shopping season. Of course it is not the only day of the shopping season. One big sales day is great, yet it may not matter much if you cannot keep bringing in the crowds until Christmas Day. Entice the crowds to return to your store by offering a coupon for a big upcoming promotion. Printing up a coupon is an added expense, but it will pay off when these extra customers return to your store rather than make this visit a one-off. It is also more efficient than simply telling the people to return to your store. Chances are they will shop at many stores on Black Friday, and they may forget about specific sales once they return home. A coupon will absolutely jog their memory!

There you have it! Do all three of these tips, or even just one or two, and you will see results on Black Friday. For help posting about your sales on social media or printing coupons, always feel free to reach out to us! We can revitalize your Black Friday sales and keep that momentum going through the end of the year and into 2019.