Business Social Media Posting During the Pandemic

business social media

As most companies enter month two of stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders, you may be wondering what to do about your business social media posting right now. More people than ever are online and paying attention to social media, but they are not necessarily seeking out deals or even info about businesses. You might even be wondering if it is best for your business to take a social media break until the various shutdowns are over. At Vietti Marketing, we feel it is best for your business to continue posting even during this strenuous time. There is a right and wrong way to do it, though, and these tips can help you navigate these unusual waters. 

Maintain normal posting levels

Since it is most definitely not business-as-usual right now, it may seem counterintuitive to continue posting as if it is on your social media page. Social media algorithms do not know now is a downtime for most businesses. Since frequent social media postings benefit your search engine rankings, then refraining from posting could drop you further down the first page of search results – maybe even to another page altogether! Things are eventually returning to normal, so the best way to make sure customers don’t forget about your business is to maintain your normal posting levels.

Avoid sharing too many news articles

With how popular news articles are online, it may be tempting to share many of them to your page. After all, if you can piggyback on another article’s views, then it may sound like a decent idea. However, you want to avoid this as much as possible. People may be so overwhelmed by the vast amount of news stories about new infections and unemployment levels, they may scroll past your post just to get to something that will take their mind off of current events. 

Sharing helpful and relevant info is fine

Because of the deluge of news articles people experience daily, they could miss crucial information they need to know. If you see a post about applying for rent or mortgage relief, or about when people can expect to receive stimulus checks, then sharing that is okay. Your customers will likely appreciate you helping them out, and they will keep that in mind when the COVID-19 situation calms down. They will want to visit businesses that were responsible and thoughtful during this crisis, and this is an easy way to make sure you are one of those businesses!

Do you need a bit more guidance on social media posting? Vietti Marketing is still here, and we are ready for a conference call with your business! We can provide social media posts, and even monitor your page for you, at a reasonable rate. Times may be especially tough right now, but we are here for you and eager to help your company through this!