Companies Showing Off Humorous Side

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On April Fool’s Day, a few companies got into the mischievous spirit and played jokes on their customers. Here are a few of the most memorable pranks:
  • Scope Bacon Mouthwash:On March 28, Scope premiered an ad campaign for this alleged product with tag lines such as “Taste breakfast while washing it away”. Potential consumers were so convinced that this was a real product that some began calling stores to see if they carried the bacon mouthwash.Eventually, Scope wrote on its Facebook wall on April 1 that the bacon mouthwash was not real…at least, not yet. The joke certainly revealed an interest in the product!
  • Hulu’s April Premieres: On April 1, Hulu posted links to several series premiering this month. Instead of actual new series, these programs were fictional shows mentioned on genuine TV shows.Among the titles: The Rural Juror (from 30 Rock), Ya’ Heard? With Perd (from Parks and Recreation), and The Itchy & Scratchy Show (from The Simpsons).When users clicked on the links, they were redirected to clips from the original, legitimate shows.
  • Netflix’s Very Specific Genre Recommendations: One of Netflix’s key features is their highly specific movie and TV recommendations tailored to each user. For April Fool’s Day ,they poked fun at this trait with even more particular groupings.Some of these groupings were: “Movies Featuring an Epic Nicolas Cage Meltdown” including movies like Face/Off, and “TV Shows Where Defiantly Crossed Arms Mean Business!” spotlighting shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the title card features crossed arms.
We want to know — do you like that these companies spotlighted their humorous side? Or do you think companies shouldn’t try to trick their customers in case these jokes affect some people negatively? Perhaps you might also want to share other April Fool’s Day campaigns that captured your attention. Let us know in the comments below!