Don’t Sweat Those Negative Reviews


Upset over a bad review for your business? We get it! It can feel truly devastating, to the point that it almost outweighs all your positive reviews. Here are some tips for handling the aftermath:

  • Do not dismiss the review. When you read a bad review about your business, it is all too easy to get overly defensive. You might feel the review is fake, or that the reviewer is being overly dramatic. Instead of this tactic, read through the review and try to understand your customer’s viewpoint. Weighing their concerns may help you see your company’s customer service skills through another set of eyes. Maybe you are performing an action that isn’t coming across well and can be modified in the future. Calling the review fraudulent keeps you from reaching this point of empathy.
  • Refrain from asking people to start leaving only positive reviews. After reading a negative review, it is enticing to try to bury the review. If the dissatisfied review is further down the page, then fewer people may see it. Asking customers, friends, and family to leave several positive reviews in a short period of time is not the answer, though. For one, you can get into trouble with a website if they find out you are specifically soliciting only positive reviews. Reviews are supposed to be impartial and genuine, and asking people for positive reviews ruins both those qualities. If reported, the website may suspend or even remove your account. Simply asking for reviews without specifying they be positive is the way to go.

Want to learn more about how to deal with a bad review? As always, reach out to us here by phone or by email. You can schedule a free, one-on-one consultation with our agency to go over your best options for handling a negative review!