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Email Marketing

There are many misconceptions about email marketing. For instance, some think that it’s not really used to grow business anymore. Others feel that email marketing is not effective or really worth the time. In reality, both of these ideas are wrong because this cost-effective marketing tool is one of the best ways to spread the word about your company, and we we’ll tell you why.

Emails are one of the most affordable forms of active marketing available today. For starters, many email service programs (ESP) are free or reasonably priced. This means that all you need is a message and an email list to stay in your potential customer’s mind. And of course, email is more effective than ever thanks to the smartphone and tablet. People have easy access to their email inbox at all times, which means your message can be delivered right into their hands.

And of course, email marketing is also a great tool for nurturing your existing customers. This lets them know you appreciate them and encourages repeat business – a win-win!

Make a splash with Email Marketing

We offer full service email marketing management which includes:

  • New ESP account set up
  • Newsletter creation – design and content
  • Email list management
  • Email analytics, including tracking

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