Good Customer Service Is Still Crucial


If you are a business owner, it is increasingly difficult to compete these days. Cornering any one market is hard to do. Plus the availability of online merchandise makes competing on variety practically impossible. So, how do you stand out? By offering the best customer service around!

Customers have more options than ever, but vast numbers of surveys reveal dissatisfaction with customer service. Unhappy customers swarm apps and websites like Yelp and Google Reviews to voice their frustrations to the public. For consumers, a return to strong customer service standards is a fabulous proposition!

How can your business make customer service work for you? For starters, implement some standards and enforce them. Too many businesses imply customer service standards without ever speaking them out loud. This leads to disaster every single time. Instead, create a set of rules for customer service basics that every employee should follow.

Your rules should include how to greet customers, how to resolve / handle problems. Additionally, you want to set up a system for dealing with serious customer complaints and online customer reviews. Once in place ensure that everybody understands your new protocol. You can do this with an initial employee meeting, then have monthly or quarterly reviews to check up on how your employees are doing. Of course if you notice a problem before the review, speak up quickly and rectify the situation. If you have the employee revise their tactics early on, then they can unlearn their bad habits and implement the new standard more quickly.

Remember, anybody can offer goods and services, but exemplary customer service is nearly a lost art. While you can spend large sums of money to reinvent yourself and still face competition, focusing on service is inexpensive and effective. It also adds a personal touch that simply cannot be replicated with online services. After all, if a customer has questions, it is much faster and easier to talk to an employee face-to-face than it is to deal with a help line or online chat service!