Happy Thanksgiving from Vietti Marketing!

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Thanksgiving is this week! Not only do many of us get days off from work, but we get to eat some great food. Hard to beat that! Thanksgiving is also the time more people pay attention to holiday advertising. Many people put off their holiday shopping until Black Friday and afterwards, so holiday advertising is very important right now.

As you prepare to eat that delicious Thanksgiving food and shop the next day, take a look at these memorable holiday commercials. Some are from just a few years ago, and one is even all the way from 1997! Some of the words and images are so popular, like the Coca-Cola Polar Bears, that they are practically synonymous with the holiday season. Without strong advertising, that likely would not happen. That is how powerful mere seconds of holiday advertising are.

Will any ads premiering around the holidays this year have the same staying power? We will know soon enough! We hope you enjoy this brisk walk down memory lane, and we also hope all of you have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Family, 1997

Starbucks Christmas Blend Carol, 2008

Best Buy “Game On, Santa,” 2011