A Head Start on the Holiday Shopping Season

holiday shopping season

Fall is nearly here, and so is the holiday shopping season! People will start spending more money in retail, eating out at restaurants with friends and family, and enjoying outings together. It is the perfect time of year to drum up new business, reward loyal customers, and improve your reputation throughout the community. Get started now, and you can be sure to see a huge impact on your holiday numbers!

  • Coupons – Create some holiday coupons to give out to every customer once they enter your store. This saves people money instantly and encourages repeat business. If they receive an unexpected coupon once, then they will want to show up again in case they might get another one!
  • Food Drive – Post on social media and make a flyer to let everyone know you plan on donating non-perishable food to charity. Then offer a discount to anyone who brings food, like boxes of pasta or cans of tomato soup. You can help out the community and boost traffic as well!
  • Donate to Charity – Why not donate a percentage of all sales to your favorite local charitable organization? Remember to make a sign and a social media post to let your customers know ahead of time. That way they are encouraged to come help out the community too, and it lets people know your business is doing its part to lend a hand to those in need.
  • Create Gift Sets – Pairing up popular, similar items is a terrific way to boost sales. Gift sets make shopping easier for customers, and they drive up sales totals as well! They are also a simple way to move through inventory and bring newer products in later, giving customers another incentive to return before the holiday season is over.

These are just some quick and effortless ways you can make the most of the season. Not only will you see upgraded numbers, but you can also make a difference in your community. To go over more tips on driving holiday traffic this year, please make an appointment with us and let’s get it going!