Keep Your Head Up!

optimism, motivation

“Keep your head up!” It is simple enough advice, but it can be difficult to remember when your business begins a new marketing campaign. This is especially true in the first week or so after you begin.

In this modern culture of instant gratification, it can be dismaying to launch a campaign and not see an immediate impact. Suppose your business just started a new TV ad, or implemented a new digital marketing promotion. Maybe you even pushed a special discount through social media. As nice as it would be to see great results on the very first day, that is simply unlikely to happen.

A solid campaign takes time to yield results. For some prospects, it takes repetition to convert them into customers. They may not be swayed when they see your ad once on TV or online. They may also not be interested when they first see your Facebook post or tweet advertising a new sale. A few more views, however, may make all the difference. Sometimes they simply may not need your product or service at the moment. Once they develop a need, though, then they remember your advertisement and choose to seek you out. Repetition makes this possible!

So if those initial weeks seem dispiriting, just remember to keep your head up. All good campaigns take time to produce results. Take a breath, and wait a few weeks to judge how your marketing campaign is going!