Make Valentine’s Day Extra Sweet!

valentine's day, marketing

Is your retail store ready for Valentine’s Day? If not, then there is still time to make a good impression! Here are a few of our tips for best utilizing Valentine’s Day for your business:

  • Reward your customers. While people enjoy receiving gifts for a holiday, few actually enjoy shopping for those gifts. Traffic around retail businesses are heavy, frantic, and stressful during any holiday period. Then once shoppers get inside your store, the traffic inside is overwhelming as well. Do something fun for shoppers to offset this frustration. Offer a free gift with every purchase. Maybe offer surprise discounts in-store on top of your already advertised sales. You could even have customers register to win a big prize you will draw later on Valentine’s Day.
  • Post often on social media. Posting on social media is quite important these days for successful promotions. However, you want to strike the appropriate balance. Too many sales posts could annoy potential customers. Not enough sales posts, on the other hand, means people may not realize you even have anything going on for Valentine’s Day. We recommend pushing your sales through your social media accounts about two times a week. If you post four or five times per week, then about 40% of sales-specific posts a week will not overwhelm and frustrate your followers.
  • Do not forget the hashtags. We are big proponents of using hashtags on social media. Using holiday-themed hashtags like #ValentinesDay or #ValentinesDaySale is an inexpensive and easy way to bring more views to your social media posts. When people who are not already your followers click a hashtag and see your posts, then they may follow your page back if they like your post enough. Then when you post about a sale, more people than before see the post pushing the promotion! No matter how silly a hashtag may look to you, remember that more and more people are used to seeing and using them these days. Since hashtags do not cost extra to use, why ignore a free way to increase your social media views?

How is your business doing so far with Valentine’s Day? If you still need a little more help, then do not hesitate to reach out to us! We can still help your business get the most out of this holiday.