Making a Spectacular Impression


Getting your message to people is more complicated today than it was in the past. You used to have to worry only about television, radio, and newspaper. That was about it. People had fewer options and in that environment, it was quick and easy to get in front of them and make an impression.

Today, though, to say it is a whole new game is an understatement. People get “sold” pretty much all day from every angle imaginable. You can’t even fill up your gas without seeing ads, so standing out in today’s world is harder than ever. How do you differentiate your brand? What can you do to on top in your market, and stay there?

For one, be unique.  Anybody can sell gasoline, but not as many gas stations offer full-service anymore.  Imagine the response if you owned a gas station and offered this service. Do you think customers would come to your station and be less upset by the increased fuel cost? Setting yourself apart from other companies gives people a reason to select you!

Next, maintain a consistent message. Your marketing needs to support your brand, not contradict or muddle it. Put your logo on everything, have a clear message, and focus on spreading that message to your target audience. Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone, so don’t try to be!

You can also focus on customer experience. In a world of options, people don’t have to settle for sub-par experiences. They know it, too. Make their time with your company pleasant and memorable, and they will return. More importantly, they will also tell their friends and become unofficial spokespeople for your company.

Lastly, take some time and listen to what people are saying about you. Go to Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, and similar places and see what people have to say. Never ignore complaints. Instead, use them to improve your business and understand what people truly want. Being in denial about your business is a great way to crash it.

What is your company doing to make an impression in today’s competitive environment? Let us know in the comments!