Marketing Campaigns Made Simple

marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns can help bring in new faces, and more revenue for your business. All too often, however, people think that they need thousands and thousands of dollars to have a successful campaign. This comes from a misunderstanding of what a “campaign” actually is, and how to get one to benefit your business. 

First and foremost, a campaign doesn’t have to be as big as some people think the word “campaign” implies. For instance, you can have a campaign that involves giving everyone a discount or other perk for using a certain hashtag or tagging your company in their social media. This is a simple campaign that gets attention and can help your social account grow.

Additionally, a campaign doesn’t have to be a completely new take on your original message or an infusion of something entirely new.  You also don’t need a completely new look and you don’t need all-new creative. All you really need is a fresh idea or a popular old one to revive.Think about periods of success in your past and look for opportunities to dust off ideas and offer them to new clients through social media and on your website.

You can also use changes in your business as a campaign stepping stone. Are you carrying a new brand? Do you have an anniversary coming up? Is there a national holiday aligned with your industry? These are examples of changes and events you can use as a heart of a campaign. All you have to do is share it online, offer a perk, and keep track of the results. 

You can further turn up the volume, without getting too complicated, by using some display ads online. They’re not complicated, but they can really drive traffic to your site, and help get the phones ringing and product moving. All you have to do is determine what you want to offer and create simple ads to push traffic. An agency can help you get your display ads out there, and you can also use Facebook to create simple social ads. 

Of course, if you want to go all out, then you can take your offer to a larger audience through radio, outdoor advertising, or even television. This requires the help of an ad agency, but it can definitely drive revenue. So if you’re looking for large growth and greater name recognition, then this is a path you’ll want to investigate for marketing campaigns!