Marketing Knowledge Check-Up: Contextual Advertising

Understanding marketing is the cornerstone of growing a business. Keeping up with things, however, can be a challenge. We will bring you terms and concepts to help you learn about the exciting and ever-changing world of advertising and marketing.

This week’s marketing knowledge check-up is the concept of contextual advertising. This term refers to a targeted form of advertising in which the content of an ad is in direct correlation to the content of the web page the user is viewing. For example, if you are visiting a website about travelling in Europe hotel, flight or cruise ads might appear on the page or in pop-ups.

Next time you’re browsing pay attention to the ads that show up – chances are you see contextual advertising every single day!

My belief of what an advertising agency should be providing their clients is simple. Innovation, expert advice, strategic planning, development and execution and bottom-line accountability. Our only goal is to make our clients more successful, but success in my eyes can only be judged in one aspect, revenue. At the end of the day increasing revenue is what our job is predicated on.