Is Your Marketing Ready for Summer?

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Summer officially arrives tomorrow! As the weather grows even warmer than it already is right now, more and more people will want to spend time at the pool or the lake. Maybe they even want to be inside their homes watching Netflix where it is cool. What you need to do is convince them to come to your business, and you can do so with these easy summer marketing tips.

Have holiday-themed sales

People tend to do more shopping and traveling on holidays. With Independence Day and Labor Day coming up, you do not want to miss out on this influx of potential new customers. Offer big sales for these days, or even make a week out of the sale. Since people are likely vacationing for the whole week, especially on July 4th, give them a reason to keep coming back to your store while they are in town.

Heat up your email marketing campaigns

As we described last month, email marketing campaigns are an effective and often inexpensive way to drive sales. Since holidays are few and far between during the summer, your business cannot rely solely on holidays to boost its sales. Utilize email promotions to improve traffic during the other days of the season, especially the slower work week. These campaigns are also a great way to reach your loyal existing customers.

Keep an eye on the forecast

Pay close attention to the weather. While the temperature is often hot and muggy, some days are warmer and rainier than the rest. A social media post like “beat the heat with these deals” or “come in out of the rain and shop with us” is a simply way to be relevant and topical. It is also a quick tactic to spread the word about a sale to new and current customers, faster even than newsletters!

Remember, you do not have to go it alone with your marketing. We are here to help your business. We can even do all the work for you! Simply contact us to get started on your summer marketing campaign.