Marketing Your Way through Any Economy

All of us hear about how bad the economy is these days. It is true, things are tough out there. We understand the challenges this puts on our clients and their marketing budget. Unfortunately, the first instinct many companies have is to cut their marketing budget and hold out for better days. This knee-jerk reaction is understandable, but it’s also the exact opposite of what businesses should do to ride out any economic turbulence.

Think about it this way – if you competitors are cutting down on their marketing because their budget is tight, where are all of the new customers going to go? If you are the one advertising, those new people will go to you because you are the only name in the game. When others cut back, it’s time to step up and fill in the gaps left by their absence.

Another benefit to advertising your way through an bad economy is that not only do you receive top of mind awareness, but you have a chance to win loyal customers. Statistically customers stick with what they know. If new people find you they will stay with you as long as you give them good services, good prices and a good experience.

We understand that it can seem like a burden to consider sticking to, starting or ramping up your marketing. It is important, however, to look at your marketing budget as an investment, not an expense. When you invest in your brand, it pays off. So, if you’re ready to grow, regardless of the economy, give marketing a try and watch it work for you!

My belief of what an advertising agency should be providing their clients is simple. Innovation, expert advice, strategic planning, development and execution and bottom-line accountability. Our only goal is to make our clients more successful, but success in my eyes can only be judged in one aspect, revenue. At the end of the day increasing revenue is what our job is predicated on.