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Media Buying

We grouped our desks together. We combined our extensive media relationships with our expertise in television, print, and radio to create the ultimate media planning strategy for our clients! Thanks to media relationships, historical data, and proven value-added negotiation tactics, we examine all opportunities to grow your business with the most powerful media platform – MASS MEDIA!

TV Advertising

In the video revolution, TV is still the most dominant advertising force. On average, consumers watch more than four hours per day. As big screens morph into smartphones & tablets and content distribution grows ever more complex, our 40+ years of TV buying experience establishes the most efficient and effective media buy. We save you money and drive maximum impact, all while addressing modern multi-screen customer behavior. This is how TV continues to be the single most impactful advertising force for our clients.

Radio Advertising

It may not be consumed as much as it used to be, but radio is still powerful. Whether people listen to music or the news in their cars or as they stand in line at a business that is streaming audio, radio still delivers optimal results when planned and measured carefully. We utilize our years of experience planning radio buys and deliver custom campaigns that drive response and brand lift. We are also innovative and creative when we plan your schedule and negotiate value-added opportunities.

Print Advertising

Newspapers, magazines, and billboards simply are not what they used to be. Tablets and smartphones have revolutionized print advertising. Based on deep research of audience exposure, we plan and buy print and out-of-home (OOH) advertising. We look at everything, from job titles to traffic patterns by billboards. We incorporate the latest techniques in print formats, breakthrough OOH formats along with media buying, media plans, measurement tools, and forecasts.

The Right Plan

Vietti Marketing Group has developed a formula that pinpoints the right viewer and places your message in front of more people per dollar. Thanks to our experience in the business, we know which strategies make your phone ring and fill up your inbox. We guarantee that your commercials are shown when your potential customers are likelier to respond. We know the proper reach and frequency necessary to turn a commercial into an outstanding success. Behind every good buy is intelligent media negotiations. We fight on your behalf to guarantee you get the most out of your investment.

We Give You a Competitive Edge

Vietti Marketing Group monitors local TV spots across the country. We know your competitor’s estimated budget, what shows they advertise during, how often they are running, and the demographics they are targeting. With this type of research, we take advantage of the holes in your competitor’s strategies. Want a better media buy? Get the best media buyer!

Consulting & Recommendations

We make data-driven recommendations and use a proven formula to predict your return for every dollar invested. We generate a budget that meets your marketing goals. We tell you the minimum and the maximum amount that you should be spending and the sweet spot that gets you the ROI.

Media Buying Springfield Missouri

Media Buying Advertising Agency Springfield Missouri


Our favorite Direct Response Theory goes like this: “You must get your message in front of the same viewer six to ten times before you can push his button and motivate him to go to the phone and dial your number.” This proves how proper frequency is crucial in mass media advertising. We must get your message in front of the same viewer six to ten times during the short period his or her window of opportunity is even open.

Frequency X Reach = Total Gross Rating Point (GRP)


The Less-Fished Pond Theory states, “All other things being equal, it is better to have your ads on during less clutter than more clutter.” We collaborate with our media partners to understand when and where your competitors place their ads. We know what shows your competition is buying, and with what reach and frequency. Once you embrace this theory and utilize market research, you can take advantage of the strengths and flaws in your competition’s strategies.

Media Buying Features

We challenge ourselves to provide you with effective and efficient media plans that maximize your marketing dollars and produce the greatest return on investment.

Added Value

We leap into hardline negotiations to get extra value from bonus spots, dollar spots, and additional rate discounts to make sure every media partner we selected has genuinely earned our business.


From PR-building programs to education tips, we search for additional areas of cause to attach your company to in order to grow credibility and goodwill within your community.

Audit & Posting

At the conclusion of each month, our auditing team reviews every media placement to ensure we ran in the best times with the best spots. Additionally, we post each buy, ensuring 100% audience delivery.

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