Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

merry christmas, happy new year, happy holidays

Christmas is nearly here, as is the new year! As you personally prepare for the new year, you need to prepare your business as well. While you finish up your Christmas shopping and accept invitations to New Year’s Eve parties, here are suggestions about how to get your business ready for the coming year:

  • Start planning your 2017 marketing right now. Do not wait too long after the new year begins to schedule meetings or conference calls with your marketing agency. Scheduling these appointments for early 2017 gives your business more time to reap the benefits of what works. It also gives you more time to change course if a new marketing tactic does not quite pan out as expected!
  • Assess the current year. Before implementing anything in 2017, take a look at what worked for your business in the past year. Maybe a sales increase coincided with a shift in your marketing? Did your social media campaigns lead to higher profits for your business, or merely more Facebook post likes? How many new customers found you through a new billboard? Or perhaps it was an email newsletter that converted them from a prospect into an actual customer? Identifying what worked in 2016, and what did not, helps your business start the new year in the best direction!
  • Thank your staff. In the hubbub of closing out the year and being excited for the holidays, it is far too easy to forget this simple gesture. Without your staff, no marketing strategy or business goal has a chance of working. Good marketing gets customers inside your doors, and a great staff is what keeps those customers returning again and again. Telling your employees you appreciate their hard work shows them that you notice their effort. They feel rewarded, and they are motivated to keep that momentum going in the new year.

Eager to get started with us on your 2017 marketing? Call us at (417) 553-9105, or reach out to our office here by filling out this form. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you, and let’s head into the new year together!