Do Not Miss Out On a Newsletter Campaign


When you put together an advertising campaign, the main focal points are usually television and digital ads. As paramount as those forms of advertising are, your business should not neglect how important an email newsletter campaign can be! These are our top three benefits of sending a newsletter out every month.

  • Low cost, much higher return.  Compared to other forms of advertising, a newsletter campaign can offer a much higher than normal return on investment. With, say, an ad on television, you not only pay to place the ad, but you also have to cover the production costs involved. With a newsletter, some companies like MailChimp offer free membership plans if you do not exceed a certain threshold for the number of subscribers you have and the amount of emails you send monthly. If you have more subscribers than a free plan allows, the cost to send emails monthly can still be lower than other traditional forms of advertising. Your business could reach 2,000 people quickly for only $25 a month!
  • Connect quickly with actual customers. Digital/television ads and social media should always be a crucial aspect of any respectable marketing campaign. However you may reach people uninterested in your services. For example, think about how many random posts you see in your own social media newsfeed for pages you don’t follow. You see the posts just because a friend commented on or liked the posts, not because you actually care about the business. With a newsletter, you can reach actual customers every time you send an email. When they are inside your business, simply ask them to give you their email when they are at the register or filling out paperwork. This way, they are already opting in to your newsletters and showing they want to continue doing business with your company!
  • Easy-to-track, immediate results. With other advertising methods, it can take a bit of time to see the campaign’s effectiveness. A television or radio campaign can take several days or weeks before you can gauge how well it is paying off. Email newsletter services offer real-time tracking. Not only can you see what percentage of your subscribers opened the newsletter and at what time, but you can also view how many clicked through to your website for more information. That way, for your next month’s campaign you can send newsletters at the time the most people opened the email the previous month. You can even tweak the content if the click-through rate was lower than anticipated.

Ready to dive into the email newsletter waters? Reach out to us here or through our Facebook page to schedule a free consultation with us. We can design a sample newsletter for you, and nothing goes out without your approval!

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