Protect Your Online Reputation

online reputation, customer service

When it comes to your company’s reputation, it’s always better to be proactive. It is much easier to prevent negative reviews than it is to try to combat them when they appear online. While it may be impossible to prevent every negative review, or to completely guard your reputation from harm, you can take steps to protect the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

Make customer service a priority

Customer service can’t be an afterthought for any business. No matter what line of business you’re in, you should formalize customer service policies for your staff. This includes how to answer the phone, greet people when they come in the door, know which language to use in emails and online messages, as well as resolve disputes. This simple step can help stop problems before they start because your staff will know how to handle common interactions the right way.

Be generous when solving customer disputes

It’s never fun to deal with an upset customer, especially when it means losing money on a return or repeat service. What’s worse, however, is dealing with the repercussions of online reviews. A single online review can turn away countless new potential customers, making it more effective to keep all your customers happy even if it means a bit of a loss. Of course, you have to have guidelines in place, so that your generosity isn’t used against you!

Quickly answer incoming questions

People have amazing access to companies these days. They can call you, email you, and message you on any number of social platforms. People are also used to having quick answers to all their questions and problems. Make sure you fall in line with this expectation by quickly answering your messages, in all forms. This will help ensure that your customers and potential customers are happy, more likely to do business with you, and less likely to complain about you to their friends!

Marketing is a powerful tool to bring in new customers, but you have to pay attention to what happens to those customers once you have them if you want to find true success. Your goal is to maintain a stellar online reputation, keep current customers happy, and build a legion of repeat customers who tell their friends how great you are!