Should You Boost Your Facebook Posts?

facebook boost posts

It may sound weird to think of 2010 and 2011 as the “good old days,” but in terms of social media marketing, it truly was. Not many businesses were on Facebook, so it was especially easy to stand out on these platforms. Since it does not cost anything to have a social media account, a business could use essentially advertise for free on online platforms. Let’s say your business was a restaurant, and you wanted to promote your weekend specials. Maybe your business was instead a retail store, and you needed to push a clearance sale to make way for new products. You could post about it on Facebook, and your posts would reach a wide audience at no cost. The more people who saw your posts, the likelier they were to follow your page to see more of what you offered

Now, however, it is not quite so easy to reach that large audience for free. As more and more businesses gravitated to social media, Facebook did not want many companies utilizing their services for free. How many times have you logged into your company’s Facebook account only to be asked if you want to boost your posts? This is Facebook’s way of getting you to pay to have your posts reach your business’s target audience.

You do not necessarily have to boost your posts to get seen, but chances are your company’s posts will not get noticed as easily as those that do. Like we discussed last week, you may have to utilize hashtags and trending topics to work around this forced payment. Even so, Facebook may soon find a way around this as well. They are a business too, after all, and they want to make money just as much as you do. If that means forcing companies to budget for social media marketing these days, then they will do it. Making you boost your posts is irritating, but understandable.

Whether we like it or not, Facebook will not change its stance anytime soon. Should your business choose not to budget for social media marketing and post-boosting, it is still good to have a Facebook account. Having a social media presence can increase your SEO, so you do not want to go without a Facebook account altogether. However, to get the most of being on Facebook, paying to boost your post is getting unavoidable. What do you think your business should do about Facebook? Do you want to chance it on your own and grow your company’s account on your own, or do you think you should budget for Facebook marketing? Let us know below!