Social Media Sharing Your Mother Knows Best


Moms all over the world agree — sharing is important. They teach their children this concept as early as possible and hope that their little ones embrace the idea. As a business owner, sharing is as important as ever and can be a powerful tool in growing your company’s online footprint.

Sharing in terms of social media means sharing the spotlight, sharing your attention, and sharing information. We’ll cover what each of these types of sharing means for your business.

Sharing the spotlight

The business world is full of connections. You work with clients and other companies on a regular basis. When they do something great or have a big event coming up, share your social media spotlight with them. Post about it, tag them, share their electronic fliers — anything to help spread the word on their behalf.

Sharing your attention

If you go online and do nothing but talk about yourself,  in the eyes of the public you turn into a “me monster.” They expect you to sell without overselling yourself. Take some time and like, tweet,  follow, and talk to those within your network. This gesture never goes unnoticed and exposes your company to people who are currently not in your network!

Sharing information

People love tips, tricks, and helpful information. You should take a break from promotions simply to share information.  This helps showcase your knowledge and is likely to get more attention and shares than other types of posts or blogs. It also shows you care about more than selling, which people appreciate.

Now that you see the upside to social sharing, you can employee these tactics on your social media and in your blogs. As you modify your communication plan, pay attention to the new and increased types of interactions you’re receiving. We guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

My belief of what an advertising agency should be providing their clients is simple. Innovation, expert advice, strategic planning, development and execution and bottom-line accountability. Our only goal is to make our clients more successful, but success in my eyes can only be judged in one aspect, revenue. At the end of the day increasing revenue is what our job is predicated on.