Stop Business Identity Theft in Its Tracks

business identity theft, risk management

Identity theft is a grave problem, but not just for individuals. Businesses can have their identity stolen as well. According to a recent study, the number is up 46% and is only expected to grow even more in the coming years.

At Vietti Marketing Group, we have a tool that can help your business protect its identity – reputation management. Reputation management corrects any inconsistencies or inaccuracies about your business that hackers might be using for their benefit, such as fake Yelp listings and duplicate Facebook accounts. It also tracks your company’s online activity, so if anyone is pretending to be your business online, you can see it and stop them before they do any damage. It can also clean up your reputation and undo any harm a hacker has already caused your business. For instance, if someone interacted with a hacker impersonating your business and then left a bad review about that experience, then we can work on getting the review removed. 

This extra level of protection is available to you for a minimal monthly fee. While a monthly fee may not be something you are interested in right now, keep in mind how much it will save you in the long run. You could potentially stop hackers before they are able to run up fees or take out loans under your business’s name. That alone could save you thousands! 

Ready to schedule your conference call? Please contact us here. The call is to go over any questions about reputation management and business identity theft you have, and then move forward should you choose to do so.

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