Time for a Website Makeover?

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By now, almost all businesses have a website. In earlier years, you might have noticed what a difference it can make in giving your business more customers! However, maybe traffic has trickled down in the last few years. How often you update your website may play a significant role. Too many businesses neglect their website once it goes up. Here are a few things you should consider when determining if it is time for a website makeover. 

Device innovations

As anyone who owns a smartphone or a tablet knows, yearly technological innovations can render devices from even two or three years ago near-obsolete. The same holds true for websites. Sites need updates to keep up with how people read and use websites nowadays. For instance, too many unnecessary pictures and videos can slow down phones and turn people away. Maybe you need to redo your website so it is better able to accommodate so much media. 

Sensible layout

Similar to fashions, what looks good as a website template does not often stay the same from year to year. Just a couple years ago, a popular trend was to have a single-page website with all your information layered on top of each other. When you clicked a tab at the top of the page, it redirected to the middle of the homepage or further down. Now, businesses are moving away from that model because it is not as good for your search engine rankings. It makes it difficult for search engines to find specific keywords if they are all jumbled on the same page. Having too much information on one page rather than spread out also makes it difficult to point people to the page they need when you link to your site on social media. If you have this old style of layout, then it may be time for something more sensible. 

Fresh content

Search engines pay more attention to sites that are updated monthly with new content. Basically, active websites often mean an active — and open! — business is running the site. Why would an algorithm pick up on an inactive business website if it means that business may not even be open anymore? Fresh content does not mean you need to redo your website each month. It can be as simple as uploading a new tip-and-info-filled blog once a month. 

There you go – a few simple ways to tell if it is time for a website makeover! Remember, you do not have to implement these changes alone. We are here to help your business today and for years to come. Contact us here to schedule a meeting, and we can evaluate your website and tell you if a makeover is in order!