Understanding Maybe

Understanding Maybe

People in sales and other aspects of the business world have to hear “no” all of the time, which can be hard to handle. But, did you know that there is something worse than no? It’s true, there is something worse than “no” and you probably use it all of the time! That word is “maybe” and few things leave you as unsure as does hearing this word uttered in response to your query.

What does “maybe” really mean?

Maybe, in terms of being turned down by a potential client, is not always easy to interpret. The mistake many people in sales make is to give up when they encounter a “maybe.” The next most common mistake to make is to push too hard, which can alienate or frustrate the client. Before you take any steps to resolve a “maybe,” let’s look at what might have truly been meant.

1- Maybe can mean that you have not given the client enough reasons to say yes. Make sure you have given the client real reasons that your proposal or product is a benefit to them. Evaluate their needs and answer them, do not present a generic pitch!

2 – Maybe can mean that the time is not right, not just that the product or proposal is wrong. Before you close the door, ask yourself if you might need to revisit the client in the future when things are better timed. Keep notes so that you don’t lose track of potential clients!

3- Maybe can mean that you don’t truly understand their needs, so you failed to address them. It can be easy to forget that clients have unique needs, regardless of “industry standards.” Take a step back and see if you really “get” what a potential client needs from you.

A word of caution, you have to use good judgment when dealing with a “maybe.” If you get pushy, you will end up with a solid “no” and a closed door. So take a moment and think before you make a final attempt to get that coveted “yes!”