Understanding Millenials

Ad Agency Springfield Missouri

Anybody that’s been in business for a while knows that things have certainly changed! Getting customers takes detective work, analytical skills and a good deal of continuing education. It often feels like you’re trying to hit a moving target, and in many ways that’s exactly what you’re trying to do.
If you’re in a business that is trying to attract millennials, which are people from about 23 to 34 years old, your task is particularly difficult.

This generation, also referred to as Generation Y, has come of age in a world completely different than that of their parents. Computers and technology aren’t new, they are something they have been around for years. They don’t remember a time without the internet, instant access and more importantly, the ability to have a 2 way conversation with companies.

Let’s look at the world of business before the internet. Businesses marketed on the radio, in the newspaper and on t.v. to get people through their doors. When customers wanted to find a business they asked their friends and family and often turned to the phone book. If a person was unhappy with a business, they told their friends, family and neighbors and that’s about it. Generally, an unhappy customer would either suffer in silence or move on to a competitor if one existed.

Fast forward to today, where technology is absolutely everywhere. Companies come at consumers from all angles….internet, television, billboards, email, regular mail, ads at the movies, on their cell phones even in texts! Today’s consumer is literally flooded with marketing. They can go online to look up a company’s history, services and see reviews. They can talk to a company through social media and email and they can tell thousands and thousands of people about every experience they have with a business.

Millennials are used to having instant access to a business and they are also used to being heard. If you’re target market involves this crowd, you have to give them what they want, direct, quick and satisfying communication with your company. Social media, blogs, rapid responses in your emails and quick turn around on your messages on social outlets is a great way to help them feel heard! And, remember, in this day and age people don’t wait long for an answer before they move on. Be diligent in your communication.

Additionally, this crowd wants to be informed. They want to know ingredients, processes, your history, your story and what makes you you. The days of separation between businesses and the community is long gone. Once you understand that millenials just want to be a part of your story, you can better reach them with your fantastic goods and services!

My belief of what an advertising agency should be providing their clients is simple. Innovation, expert advice, strategic planning, development and execution and bottom-line accountability. Our only goal is to make our clients more successful, but success in my eyes can only be judged in one aspect, revenue. At the end of the day increasing revenue is what our job is predicated on.