Unique Content – What it is and Why you Need it for your Website

Unique Content – What it is and Why you Need it for your Website

Do you know how those words and phrases you put into Google, Yahoo or Bing return results for you? How does the search engine know that when you put in a phrase like “movies” you’re most likely looking for movie theaters and times and not used DVDs? How does your business get found by people in your community more than by people in Canada?

While all search engines play their cards close to their chest in terms of secret algorithms and protocols, we do know the key elements to great search results. One of the top elements is unique content. Unique content, written specifically for your site and based on your services, gives your website better online visibility.

What is unique content? Let’s first talk about what it’s not since there so much confusion on the topic. Unique content is not content derived from putting together keywords for the sake of weighting a site to seem appealing to search engines. It is not pre-written generic content based off of industry generalities. It is also not content written by content-mills and sold to numerous sites.

In short, unique content is written specifically for your company. It contains information completely tailored to you, what you do and how you do it. The content on your site should show your personality, illustrate your expertise and give people a taste of your company. When people come to your website you want them to see you as a trail blazer, not a template-following knock-off that they have seen time and time again.

To a search engine, that unique content is deemed more valuable than content repeated over the web at many sites. You’ve most likely come across this sort of thing, where you’ve seen the same information on various sites and it is presented in such a similar that you swear you’ve seen it before. That is because generic content providers write copy and sell it to many people, which in turn stick their name on it, change it a bit and then call it good.

So if you are looking for a way to stand out, get noticed and establish your online presence, unique content has to be a part of the plan!